Module 2: Product Market Fit & Evaluation

Module 2 - Learning outcomes:

  • understand purchase decision mechanisms and why people buy
  • understand where the buyers get the most influence on the buying decision
  • understand that buyer’s respond psychologically to visual elements and storytelling
  • understand that value is relative; every buyer has his own scale
  • understand that buyers tend to buy what others are buying i.e., the crowd effect



  • Prof. Marco Kalz, Professor of Technology-Enhanced Learning at Heidelberg University of Education.
  • Prof. Symeon Retalis, Professor at the University of Piraeus, Greece (Technology-Enhanced Lifelong Learning) and Chief Scientific Officer at Kinems Inc.(
  • Colin Magee, LearnLaunch, USA Expert on Product-Market Fit for EdTech, PV Consulting.

Total teaching hours:  4 teaching hours


Module 2 - Videolecture

ENTER EdTech Training - Module 2 (Videolecture)

Module 2 - Learning Materials

Module 2 - Product Market Fit (online version)
Module 2 - Product Market Fit (pdf version)

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