Module 5: Commercialisation, Marketing, and Pitching

Module 5 - Learning outcomes:

  • understand the meaning of commercialization and its key components
  • understand the essential theory behind marketing strategy & the link to commercialization
  • acquire the marketing tactics for promoting your start-up & your innovative idea (marketing tools, channels)
  • understand the importance of social media in promoting your innovative educational product/service, and be in the position to develop targeted social media posts
  • understand key approaches, methodologies, and business tools that assist in the commercialization of the product/service


  • Evi Stavrou, Social Media and Marketing Manager, GrantXpert Consulting
  • Christina Achilleos, EU Funding Consultant, Head of Erasmus+ Unit at GrantXpert Consulting

Total teaching hours:  4 teaching hours


Module 5 - Videolecture

ENTER EdTech Training - Module 5 (Videolecture)

Module 5 - Learning Materials

Module 5 - Commercialisation, Marketing, and Pitching (online version)
Module 5 - Commercialisation, Marketing, and Pitching (pdf version)

Module 5: Related material for further reading

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