Module 4: Financial Planning & Revenue Models in EdTech

Module 4 - Learning outcomes:

  • be aware of the importance of the economic viability study for the business idea validation.
  • be aware of the major financial consequences of a business opportunity
  • conduct calculations: cost to design, operate, promote and price the product
  • understand different selling and pricing methodologies
  • become aware of funding opportunities for EdTech startups at the national, EU and international level



  • Stephanie Papalla, Architect at Architecture Design Practice running her own business, Researcher at CYENS Centre of Excellence (EdTech, Design & Technology)
  • Michael Boloudakis, Entrepreneur, MSc & PhD e-Learning, President & Chief Executive Officer at Kinems Inc. (

Total teaching hours:  4 teaching hours


Module 4 - Videolecture

ENTER EdTech Training - Module 4 (Videolecture)

Module 4 - Learning Materials

Module 4 - Financial Planning & Revenue Models in EdTech (online version)
Module 4 - Financial Planning & Revenue Models in EdTech (pdf version)

Additional Materials

EnterEdTech Module 4_Financial Tree (Product).xlsx
EnterEdTech Module 4_Financial Tree (Service).xlsx

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