Welcome to ENTER EdTech Training Course

Info about the ENTER EdTech Course 

Welcome to the ENTER EdTech course that will help you learn the fundamental knowledge of entrepreneurial thinking and typical issues and methods an entrepreneur needs to know.

Via a mix and match of theory and examples – training sessions from experienced trainers and business case studies – as well as with communication, collaboration and support from fellow learners – young entrepreneurs from 6 countries – you will become better aware of approaches to creating, selling, and marketing ed tech products/services that consumers love as well as overcoming business challenges.

The course contains five (5) digital modules: 1. The Education Market, 2. Product Market Fit & Evidence-based Practices, 3. Marketing and Sales, 4. Financial Planning and Revenue Models in EdTech, and 5. Commercialisation, Marketing, and Pitching.

Enjoy your learning journey!